Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Random stuff

More random stuff that I forgot to post yesterday

Since childhood, my husband has collected and restored consoles, radios and phonographs. He has a lot of them from the rarest to the most common ones. There are a few that I really like and will display in the house after renovation. Below is one that I really like a lot.

Sonora phonograph circa 1918
This is the original floor in the living room and it will eventually be restored to her former glory at a later date.

Now who wants to go searching for treasure "me mateys"...lol.

This piece will be tucked away for a few years before we restore it. Hubby wants to restore this piece with our kids (distant future) one day. This piece needs a lot of work. It's a Colonial American chest complete with rosehead nails and hand-made iron hinges, strapping, and lock. Hard to put an exact date on something like this, but it's probably circa 1750-1760 or so. The green paint and paper lining were probably added in the 1800s. We found this at a flea market for $15. The person selling it had no idea it was an 18th Century piece.

In our travels we collect light fixtures(did I fail to mention a lot of fixtures) for future use in our house restoration. We have quite a few of them hanging in the basement waiting to be restored and rewired. Here is an example of one.

This one is really cool because of the decorations and the placement of the light sockets. My husband found this one day at a local salvage yard for a decent price. It needs to be cleaned and rewired but she is pretty. This will probably hang in the future hallway leading to the hall closet (check out our site to see where...in the foyer where the radiator is all of that was open at one time). It's stamped brass and is from the early 20th Century, probably the 1910s.

Here is a piece from the infamous second floor bathroom collection! This room refuses to be finished...lol.

This sink was found at a salvage yard. It's cast iron with a porcelain enamel. There is no manufacturer on it anywhere, but there is a 1907 patent date. Sinks in this style were popular from the 1900s through the early 1920s.
Hopefully this year we can finally finish this room! Yes, we had to gut this room down to the studs to fix major damage and to prevent future issues.

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