Monday, March 3, 2014

Kitchen stuff #2

I've decided to do a late 1940-1950s era style kitchen because I have a lot of appliances and nicknacks from that era (besides that era's appliances were really cool). I was able to round up more stuff for the kitchen so sit back and enjoy.

Can you guess what this is?

In my travels, I found this interesting little nicknack. It looks like an eggbeater (it is) but it is specifically for whipping and creaming egg whites. I had to get this because I have never seen one of these before. This is from the early 1930s.

Ice crusher

I remember these from my childhood (before the fancy refrigerators that crushes the ice for you) the hand crank ice crusher. This one has the insert for attaching it to the wall. This needs to be washed and wiped down (not sure if we will use this). These are common, but can be hard to find in good condition. I believe this one was made in the 1950s.

We found this set on a whim (we were not looking for a kitchen table at the time) from one of our local ma and pa second-hand shops.The stainless trim and formica top are in excellent condition. This is probably 1955-1960.

Please do not pay any attention to the wall with the trash bag. Remember from previous pictures, we had to replace the second floor bathroom cast iron pipe. Bookcases from Ikea in the background.
If you check out the house website you will see that our kitchen is nice but it is not functional. Since I am very creative (make something out of nothing) I decided to purchase four bookcases (three large and one small) from Ikea and use them for storage (we brought the doors separately). These bookcases are great because my counter top has been cleaned off and the cabinet doors are able to close (extreme stuffing of the Apparently, this kitchen was renovated in the mid 1960s and the butler's pantry was removed (shaking my head) and replaced with cheesy cheap cabinets (because of this the cabinet space was reduced dramatically - the originals went all the way to the original ceiling).

I'm not sure if I mentioned that I love telephones the older the better. I have quite a few phones tucked away throughout this house so when I find them I will definitely take plenty of pictures.This phone will eventually find itself in the kitchen after renovation (we will definitely use this one). This one is dated 1960 inside. We picked this up at a flea market for $5.

Growing up, I had the pink princess rotatory phone in my bedroom. (The rotatory phone...if you messed up and dialed the wrong had to hang up the phone and start all over again...and it was always the second to last digit

Check back for more!

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